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Tips and Tricks #2 – SOP Delete Permissions

February 18, 2010

Have you ever spent hours on end in GP trying to figure out what has happened to an order, or even worse an invoice, just to find out that someone deleted it? What about voided? If they void the document, you can see this but you cannot “undo” the void. This has started happening quite frequently, for some reason, where I work. After a little research I found that in GP, you cannot give specific users permissions to delete and void sales orders and invoices, but you can password protect the right (and therefore only share the password with those who should have the right).

To do this, you need to go into the Sales Order Processing Setup screen (Tools->Setup->Sales->Sales Order Processing). From there, you will notice buttons for order type (i.e. Quote, Order, Invoice, etc.). GP gives you the granularity to add a password for Delete and Void, individually, on each document id for each order type. For example, I could have and Order with a document id of Shipping that has one delete password and another document id of Pickup that has a different delete password (or void for that matter) from the Shipping document. So, to setup a delete or void password for an order you would want to click the Order button (equally if you wanted to set the password up for an invoice you would select the Invoice button). From there, you will choose the document id for that order and then in the options for Delete Documents and Void Documents you will check the box. To the right of the Delete or Void, you will see a blank field where you can enter a password. After entering the password in the setup screen, GP will now prompt a user for the password before they can delete or void a document (based on the document id you set the password up for).

That’s it. No more wondering why someone deleted or voided an order who shouldn’t have the ability to do so. No more countless hours spent researching what happened to the invoice that the sales order shows was billed, but no longer exists.

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