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From The Community #2– Previous Transaction-Level Posting Error

March 12, 2010

A question in the Dynamics GP forums was posted regarding the following error message:

“Your previous transaction-level posting session has not finished processing. Please allow time for it to finish. If you believe it has failed , log out of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Log back in to recover transactions.”

We receive this error quite a bit and I am not really sure why it happens.  It has something to do with the sales batch, that was trying to be posted, being the same name as the user who is trying to post it.  In any event the following SQL script should solve your issue.

Open SQL Server Management Studio and execute the following on your main company database:

/*Replace ‘xxx’ with the GP user name of that is having the issue*/

DELETE SY00500 where BACHNUMB =’xxx’

If this doesn’t fix your issue, then have a look at the SY00800 (in the DYNAMICS database) table as well.  If you see the user in there, make sure the user is logged out and then run the above statement on this table.

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