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From The Community #3 – GP Homepage Is Slow

March 25, 2010

A question in the Dynamics GP forums was posted on the following issue:

“Hello, If anyone has suggestions for this problem it would be appreciated. We just upgraded to GP10 and all clients EXCEPT "sa" are having the following issue… The Home page loads slowly. Once it’s up and you go other places everything else is fine and responds lightning fast. Then you click on the link to Home and it takes another 10 minutes to load.”

I have found that the Outlook addin to the GP 9 dashboard seems to have been the culprit for our slow home page performance.  When disabling it, we have no performance issues at all on our home pages.  I have not found a fix for this problem.

To disable the Outlook addin on the homepage in GP 9:

“In GP 9, in the top right hand corner of the home page there is a link to "Customize This Page", then you remove the check for Microsoft Office Outlook in the "Mark content to display" section.”

3-23-2010 12-13-00 PM

A contributor on the forums also suggests another possibility that Reminders based on a SmartList will require the home page to execute the smart list before it displays.  This is definitely a potential cause as well.


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