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SQL Scripts – Stock Count (Multibin Inventories)

April 23, 2010

The following script will return a result set that can be exported (or copy and pasted) to Excel, for an easy to use stock count sheet for multibin inventory GP environments.  I have a SQL Reporting Services report written for our stock count sheets that makes it even easier. 

The script using the following views:

Inventory Multibin (tspvInventoryMultibin)

Item Master (tspvItemMaster)

Inventory Serial/Lot Numbers (tspvInventorySerialNum)

**SQL Script***

SELECT  a.item_number,
        c.location AS serial_location,
        CASE WHEN item_tracking_option = ‘none’ THEN a.quantity
             WHEN item_tracking_option = ‘serial numbers’ THEN c.qty
        END AS quantity,
        FROM    tspvinventorymultibin a
        JOIN tspvitemmaster b ON a.item_number = b.item_number
        LEFT JOIN tspvinventoryserialnum c ON a.item_number = c.item_number
                                             AND a.bin = c.bin
WHERE   quantity > 0
        AND a.location = ‘tsp’
ORDER BY a.location,


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  1. Ben permalink

    Ron, we are also using similar stock count sheets and I was wondering if you ever evaluated any WMS systems built for GP. We are talking to a few vendors now and would like to know if you ever ventured into the relam of wireless scanners and barcode systems for GP. THANKS

    • Ron permalink

      Yes we are using Data Collection by Salespad. It is a very simple WMS that does a perfect job for what we need. Multibin, barcode, wireless scanning, pick/pack/ship, bin transfers, etc. I would definitely give them a call. They have handheld scanner software as well as netbook software (a project I worked with them on). We actually are running Dell Mini’s mounted to our picking cards with bluetooth barcode scanners. The Dell Mini’s give our warehouse folks a much better keyboard and screen than the handheld PC scanners.

      I also have a Dolphin handheld I am looking to get rid of. It was being used in our testing facility but we chose to go with the Dell Mini’s instead. Let me know if you are interested.


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