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From The Community #6 – Non Inventory Items and GL

May 21, 2010

A question in the Dynamics GP forums was posted on the following issue:


Would like to know how to setup non-inventory items in Great plains also for non-inventory items from where do the  GL codes default for  distributing of Inventory batch and GL Batch in SOP module.



The nature of a non inventory item is that it is not setup in GP.  The GL accounts have to be coded by hand every time a NI item is entered.  If there are no COGS associated with the item then you can you Misc Charges.  If you need to have a COGS associated and want to default GL account number to NI items then you will have to have a customization made (which is what we have).  We have a couple of prefix identifiers that when placed in front of a NI item number, it will pull certain GL codes for Sales, COGS, Inventory, etc.


We have an item setup “DPM-Accounts” with GL codes setup.  Whenever we enter a NI item with DPM- in front of it, the accounts from the item “DPM-Accounts” are pulled into the NI item, thus not requiring us to hand code ever “one off” item we enter.

We actually use Salespad to do the DPM-Accounts functionality.  It was a requirement for our setup and the folks at Salespad came up with this way to do it.  It is now included in their core functionality.

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  1. Jeremy permalink

    Does SalesPad still do this? I can’t seem to find any info out about it on their web site. What is the official name of this feature from SalesPad?

  2. Ron permalink

    I am not sure if this is included in the standard version of Salespad or not. We paid for the customization several years ago. I do not know if they have added this to the main product or not.

    The option is called Non-Inventory Item Prefix and is located in the Settings screen.

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