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About Me

My name is Ron Wilson.  I am currently the Director of Operations for Tri-State Pump & Control, Inc. (, a distribution company in located South Carolina.  I graduate with my BS in Computer Information Systems from Clemson University, in Clemson, SC (Go Tigers!!!).  I am also happily married to my beautiful wife Krsiten and have 1 son with another one on the way.

I have spent 6+ years living in the Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM world, and I have taught myself quite a bit.  I hold no special industry certifications, but through my years of hands on experience, I have picked up a lot.  I am truly fascinated with the Dynamics Community and the growing number of resources out there.  I hope that this blog can be a invaluable resource to the community as well.

From a technical side, my strengths are in Sql and Sql Reporting Services, Dynamics GP SOP, POP, Inventory, and Dynamics CRM.  Having a BS in Computer Information Systems, I have a varying amount of, now outdated, knowledge on web development, web design, and multiple programming languages.  From a non technical side, working my way up through the ladder in an Operations department, I have learned quite a bit about logistics, warehousing, process management, business intelligence, workflow, and an overall common sense approach to running the day to day operations of a SMB size company.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything or have comments you would like to share.  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Proud of you…..:)

  2. Ron permalink

    Thanks a lot! I am sure you were on the edge of your seat reading this :). See you later…

  3. Gerry Fassett permalink

    Just finished migration SBF/MSDE to SQL2005 to GP9 to GP10..several headaches along the way-several issues as we speak..but,we’re getting there. quick question re: transfer of order to invoice. I would like the transfer drop down to have the “Include totals and deposits” to be automatically checked when the “Transfer to Invoice” box is checked. I can’t find anything in setup to do this.??

  4. Ron permalink

    Gerry…sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I actually spent an entire Easter holiday with my family and no laptop. It was really hard to not get on and answer this from my phone, but I wanted to spend time with my family!!!

    Regarding your question, I am not aware of a way to have these check boxes (I think there are two, one for Totals and one for Deposits) default to checked out of the box. I am not a DEX programmer, however, I would think it would be too expensive of a customization to have written. You may want to check with your partner.

    Just curious, what is wrong with having your users check the check boxes each time? Is it just the amount of time they will have to spend checking those 2 extra boxes each time? Are they transferring individual orders to invoices or transferring in batch? I guess you are taking some form of payment against the sales order and not the invoice?


  5. Ron,

    That is actually a pretty easy Dex customization. We often do it for our Larger customers with lots of users (generally don’t bother for a small company were we are only talking about 1 or 2 users to train.)

    Check with your partner.

  6. Ron permalink


    Thanks for the reply. Maybe Gerry will read it and contact his partner. After re-reading my post to him, I had a typo saying that I thought it “would” be too expensive to do a DEX customization…I meant to say “wouldn’t” be too expensive. Thanks for verifying.


  7. I love your blog. Did you implement any WMS system at your facility? We are in the market for one now and would love any feedback from any research or experience you have in the GP to WMS world. THANKS!


  8. Ron permalink


    I just called you at your office. Give me a call when you get the chance.


  9. Ron, I would like to make a site visit this month if that works for you. Are you available to discuss today? THANKS!

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