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  1. Hey ron. i saw your blog. and found that you are very much handy with sql server and dynamics GP. Do you have any procedure for auto posting of batches for GP. I am trying out this from past 1 week and not finding the proper answer.

    Can you please help me out in this.

  2. Greetings Ron,

    I have been unable to find in Help nor on web any help with GP Business Alerts. I simply want a total on the db mail report that comes with email. This part is working well, but Reports, I don’t know how to get a SUM or Total at the end: One alert is standard CHECKBOOK Balances. The list is good, but no total. Below I give copy/paste of current formula that will not pass as acceptable. I have developed quite a few and am not JR in SQL, yet not advanced either. In the GP Alert Define Formula I have the following: CM00100_T1.CURRBLNC ‘0.00000’ AND SUM(CM00100_T1.CURRBLNC)
    The 1st part works fine and I get emails with TEXT report of all Checkbooks and Balances with last reconciled date and amount. I want a total at the end. the 2nd part after AND SUM, I know I am missing something, but not sure how to write this, as limited use of SQL in this window.

    Your help would be much appreciated!

    Gary Fauser, CPA
    Dynamics GP & SL
    203 253 4968

  3. Ron permalink


    I just sent you an email.


  4. Akbar Khan permalink

    Hi Ron,
    I have setup national accounts with Credit base check and provided parent account with credit limit.
    When billing is created in project accounting for an child account the system is performing credit limit check and requesting password. Where as the same amount of invoice which i am creating in SOP/RM the credit limit check is not asking.
    Please note that still the selected customer has remaining credit limit.
    Want to know is the national accounts rules are applied in project accounting also or it is restricted to only SOP/RM transactions. Or is there any settings/possibility to apply national accounts rules in Project Accounting.
    Many Thanks in Advance.

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