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  1. Hey ron. i saw your blog. and found that you are very much handy with sql server and dynamics GP. Do you have any procedure for auto posting of batches for GP. I am trying out this from past 1 week and not finding the proper answer.

    Can you please help me out in this.

  2. Ron permalink


    Check out this post.


  3. Greetings Ron,

    I have been unable to find in Help nor on web any help with GP Business Alerts. I simply want a total on the db mail report that comes with email. This part is working well, but Reports, I don’t know how to get a SUM or Total at the end: One alert is standard CHECKBOOK Balances. The list is good, but no total. Below I give copy/paste of current formula that will not pass as acceptable. I have developed quite a few and am not JR in SQL, yet not advanced either. In the GP Alert Define Formula I have the following: CM00100_T1.CURRBLNC ‘0.00000’ AND SUM(CM00100_T1.CURRBLNC)
    The 1st part works fine and I get emails with TEXT report of all Checkbooks and Balances with last reconciled date and amount. I want a total at the end. the 2nd part after AND SUM, I know I am missing something, but not sure how to write this, as limited use of SQL in this window.

    Your help would be much appreciated!

    Gary Fauser, CPA
    Dynamics GP & SL
    203 253 4968

  4. Ron permalink


    I just sent you an email.


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